flavoured oil

About Culina

Three businessmen met at a foodstuffs meeting at the end of 2009. They got round a table with the aim of doing something together and ideas started to emerge based on their many year’s of experience and a shared passion not only for food, but also culinary specialities.

The idea of an innovative snack, together with another idea shaped the start of the enterprise, and so CULINA FOODS came into being.

Initially everything was aimed at a new snack being developed in their own kitchen. But soon afterwards, the new firm of CULINA FOODS took an unexpected turn thanks to a request it received for dressings and aromatized oils, which it then thoroughly researched with the know-how of one of the partners, and soon afterwards it was decided to set CULINA FOODS off in a different direction.

A new range of dressings and aromatized oils was developed and CULINA FOODS was on the lookout for a position in the market.

Having our own production and bottling from the beginning of 2011 introduced flexibility which gave us the wings we needed to fly. 
Three years later we can now proudly say that the dressings and oils we produce are enjoyed by many people at home and abroad.

CULINA FOODS has clearly found its niche and is now forging ahead.


What makes it different?

Early on CULINA FOODS decided on having the best possible automation so that production would be as efficient as possible. Only the development of the dressings and preparation is still done meticulously and traditionally, which guarantees the precise quality thereby allowing us to brag so much about our products, because at the end of the day, it’s the final result that remains the most important to us.
It is no coincidence that the CULINA FOODS logo carries the company’s catchphrase…