flavoured oil




Honey mustard

A typical, universally known dressing that we make with TIERENTEYN mustard refined with a light, sweet touch of ‘acacia’ honey.

Dill mustard

A classic dressing based on TIERENTEYN mustard and refined with the flavour of dill.


Originally an Italian dressing based on balsamic vinegar from Modena, softened with tomato and a touch of garlic.


A really typical and authentic dressing deliciously enriched with egg yolk and anchovy paste. Taste the difference. Just ask Julius Caesar!

Fine herbs

A refreshing dressing with an acid touch enriched with garden herbs and chives.


Because of all the hype, mainly in Belgium, with this dressing we tried to find the proper balance between bitter and sweet tastes to give it a unique flavour with just a touch of the Original ‘Geldhof’ CUBERDON and for all you lovers of cuberdons (little nose-shaped sweets), it’s a really pleasant surprise.

Wasabi Ginger

A dressing that will give your dish or salad  that typical Japanese accent. Strongly flavoured though still mild thanks to the ginger and wasabi flavours.


One of the top dressings and number one in the market behind the natural and mustard dressings. Bitter-sweet and delicious over a refreshing salad with pieces of fried bacon.


Good classic dressing that is very versatile. Ours is slightly sweetened so that the delicious garlic flavour is a little less prominent.






Sunflower oil aromatized with garlic and enriched with garlic.


Sunflower oil aromatized with chilli and garlic, enriched with garlic and small chilli peppers.


Sunflower oil aromatized with an Eastern flavour and enriched with coriander.


Sunflower oil with the aroma of white truffles.


Sunflower oil aromatized with basil and enriched with basil leaves.

Olive oil extra virgin

Olive oil 100% KORONEIKI  / extra virgin oil produced by cold pressing and with a protected name of origin (BOB). Greek oil from Chania (Crete).

Roasted sesame

Sunflower oil, roasted sesame oil, enriched with sesame seeds.

Green lemon

Sunflower oil, lemon flavouring, enriched with lemon peel.

Sundried tomato

Sunflower oil, tomato flavouring, enriched with sundried tomato.